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Weronika Halwa

Psychologist & Dance and Movement Therapist i.o.

During a session with Weronika there is space to look for what is true and authentic for each person and how it informs the healing process. This happens in a verbal conversation, but can also be explored through the language of movement and other creative methods. She is a Dance and Movement Psychotherapist in training and a psychologist in training, with a background in Cultural Anthropology, and has also completed a one-year training in Jungian analysis. She gained her professional experience working in, amongst others, organizations focused on LGBTQ+ mental health, and her clinical experience in PTC Rustenburg in Brugge. Weronika works individually with adults as well as with groups using various methods related to conscious movement, as well as verbally. She is interested in the connection between mind and body, and believes that the body can sometimes speak in ways that are difficult to express through words. Still, you are only invited to move if you feel comfortable with it and it is definitely not a must - sometimes it is enough to give the body a little bit of attention by listening to the breathing, or relaxing a little.

Weronika offers therapy in English and Polish, but she also speaks Dutch, dus als je af en toe iets liever in het Nederlands wilt uitleggen, dan is het zeker geen probleem.

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